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A/N: God what the hell have I done now? Enjoy people! I was saving this for Halloween, but I couldn't wait that long!

You pulled harshly on the werewolf's leash, dragging him into your room. This was the third occasion you found your ghoul wreaking havoc in the village not far from your place out in the woods.

"Bad dog, Ludwig!" You scolded as you opened your door, pulling your pet inside. "How many times have I told you to stay away from that town!"

"Sorry, Mistress," He whimpered as you closed the door behind him.

"I'm going to have to punish you," You whispered, grabbing his square chin, forcing his sky blue orbs to look into your own (eye color) ones.

His features remained static, except for a quick twitch at the corners of his mouth. The pointed ears on the top of his head also flinched forward. You knew he was excited, but was trying not to show it. This happened many a time, and too be honest, you enjoyed these sessions yourself. It was nice to take charge for a change.

You sat at the edge of your bed, and gave the leash a gentle tug, summoning the awaiting wolf-man. Getting down on all fours, he crawled over to you, and sat down between your legs. Taking your end of the leather leash, your tied it to the end of the bed post.

"Now, don't move," You ordered as you stood up and strode over to the closet.

Opening it, you grabbed the black box inside, pulled it out, and closed the doors before returning to the end of the bed. Setting the chest on edge, you took the top off and gazed at the collection of toys inside. Reaching in, you grabbed a set of handcuffs, a crop, a blindfold, and a few other objects and placed them in a row along the bed. You could see the worried look in the German's face as you did so. Grinning, you grabbed the handcuffs first.

"Ludwig," you growled, opening the metal hand restraint. "You know what to do."

He mumbled something as he put his hands behind his back as you knelt down to his height, and secured the handcuffs to his wrists. Taking the blindfold, you wrapped it around his eyes and tied it.

"Good boy," You calmly said, stroking his golden hair.

He squirmed a bit beneath your touch. Feeling him try to avoid your touch, you gripped his hair roughly and forced his face into the bed sheets, making him bend over with his ass facing you. Taking the crop, you placed it over your shoulder.

"Now, Dog," You barked, standing up. "I don't want to hear any sound come from your mouth without my permission! Is that understood!" You gave his ass a hard swat with the crop.

He gritted his teeth together, but nodded.

"Good," Was all you said before returning to the job at hand.

Lifting the whip above your head, you brought it down harshly on his backside. You received the same result, his teeth gritting together as he tried to not show any indication of pain. Repeating the action several times, you noticed his hips start to flinch, trying to get out of your way. When you saw this, you placed your free hand firmly down on his lower back.

"I thought you already knew not to move!" You scolded, ripping the jeans from his bottom half. "You should have remembered from last time." 

Looking around the bed, you grabbed a small vibrator. Placing it at your lips, you licked it so that it had some kind of lubrication. Holding his tail to one side, you placed the toy in his hole. His hips were bucking at once, trying to remove the intrusion. With a quick snap of the crop, he stopped a bit. You then turned the toy on and began an unmerciful assault to his unprotected rump.

By now you thought for sure he would be a whining mess. Seeing the welts form, you stopped for a few moments. In the silence, you could hear his breathing get heavy and ragged. Knowing he couldn't take much more before breaking, and wanting to get a response out of him, you set the whip down. Reaching for the discarded jeans, you grabbed the black leather belt, folded it in half, and cracked it down on his red ass. This released a small whimper from the werewolf.

"Bad, dog!" You growled, snapping the belt down on his thighs as you scolded him. "What did I tell you about making any sound! Apologize!"

"I-I'm sorry, (Name)" He whined as his body shook.

Immediately stopping the beating, you threw the belt down and grabbed Ludwig by his collar, turned him around and forced his back against the bed.

"You are just the rebel today, aren't you?" You growled, ripping the blind fold from his watery eyes, and then glaring at the submissive blonde. "I told you not to go to the village, you did. I told you not to make a sound as you received your well deserved punishment, you did. You also broke several rules that we established a long time ago, including not to call me anything but Mistress!"

You waited for some sort of response, but the German did nothing, except give you a pleading look. Eyeing him up, you noticed the erection between his legs. A devious smile formed on your face.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" You asked with a sweet tone, gently rubbing his swollen cock.

He whimpered and nodded, his gaze looking down at the work your hand was preforming on him.

"You are a bad boy, aren't you?" you asked giving his member a hard squeeze. He watched as you grabbed the cock ring from the bed, and put the plastic toy around his erection.

What he didn't see was the remote you hid in your other hand. With a quick press of a button, a small buzzing noise alerted you the toy sprung to life. Almost instantly, his hips began jerking as the ring started to vibrate around his dick, reminding him of the one that was still in his ass. The werewolf began twitching and bucking from the pleasure.

"Now no cumming until I say so," You ordered.

Climbing onto the bed, you removed your pants and panties. Sitting close to the edge of the bed once more, you grabbed his golden locks and forced him to turn around so that his face was close to your entrance.

"Lick," You ordered, holding his head up.

Like a good dog, he did as he was told. His warm muscle moved against your folds as his breathes and moans of pleasure tickled the sensitive area. Carefully he worked his way to your clit, gently flicking and rubbing small circles around it, causing a moan to escape your own lips.

"That's it, Ludwig," You moaned as your grip loosened and instead you started stroking his hair. "Just like that."

Once your little nub began to stick out, you felt his mouth wrap around your mound and start to gently suck. A tightening in your abdomen told you how close you were. Trying to get more of that moist friction, you started to move your hips to the same rhythm to his sucks and licks. When your hips met Ludwig's face, he stuck his tongue into your tight cavern, thrusting it in and out. This did it for you, you gyrated your hips faster as your orgasm hit, letting your juices flow into his awaiting mouth. He lapped at your pussy while you recovered.

"Good job, Ludwig," You panted. "Very good. I think you earned a reward."

Pushing him back so that he was sitting on his knees, you undid the leather leash and took the vibrator from his ass, tossing them both to the floor near the bed. Grabbing the collar on his shirt, you pulled him onto the bed with you. You rolled him onto his back so that you were straddling his hips. Knowing you had his full attention, you undid your shirt and threw it off the bed, soon followed by your (color) bra. You leaned forward, your bare chest rubbing against his clothed one. Using your teeth, you undid the buttons on his shirt, one by one. Sliding the material away from his torso, you placed wet kisses along his muscular build. Reaching one of his pink nipples, you started to lick and suck, just like he would to you if the positions were switched. When you felt a sudden buck from behind you, you remembered the cock ring on his large, red, swollen dick. It almost looked painful. Looking into the cerulean orbs, he let out an audible whine.

"Please, Mistress," He panted. "I can't take much more."

Figuring he had enough, you slid your hands behind his back and undid the cuffs. Then reaching behind you, with as much care as you could, you removed the cock ring, and set it on a nightstand. Getting back into position, you pressed your chest to his. Rubbing your wet pussy on his erection, you gave him a naughty smile.

"I think its time we traded places, don't you?" You asked.

Without a verbal answer, you found yourself flipped onto the bed, stomach down. His massive paws were roaming your body. You could feel his mouth on the back of your neck as he licked and sucked at the skin. Biting down hard on your collar bone, you let out an audible yelp, followed by a hard smack on your own rump.

"Quiet, (Name)," he growled in your ear. "You're mein bitch now."

You could feel his hard dick rubbing up and down on your ass and thighs. More moans came from your lips as his paws gripped and massaged your breasts. Pulling on your sensitive nipples, the moans got louder, especially when he rolled them between his clawed fingers.

"Good girl, (Name)," He panted.

His hands moved back up to your shoulders and entwined themselves in you (Hair length) (Hair color) locks. You could feel him sit up.

"Now shut the hell up, and enjoy the ride."

Your eyes widened as he roughly shoved his cock into your dripping entrance. Pulling  your hair back, he thrust frantically into you, causing loud cries and curses of pleasure to come from your mouth. His other hand ran up and down your sides as his claws dug in your tender flesh. It hurt so good. It didn't take long before that familiar feeling of orgasm came  upon you.

"Ludwig!" You shouted, feeling your orgasm coming.

"Hold it!" He barked.

"What?" You shouted.

"You heard me!" He snapped giving your ass another firm swat. "Your turn not to cum until I say so!"

Without warning, he pulled out of your pussy. Looking over at him with a confused look, you saw a predatory grin on his lips. In one quick movement, he slammed into your anus, causing a loud scream to escape your lips as his cock pushed its way through your tight hole.

"Ludwig!" You screamed. "Stop it!"

You felt him pause a moment. Your body quivered as you adjusted to him. Only a few times did you try this, but it still hurt at first. It took a few minutes but soon he was thrusting in and out, and it did feel good. While his cock worked your tight ass, his paw went in between your legs, and started playing with your clit and entrance.

"Cum, (Name)," He whispered, picking up the pace. "I'm close, too."

After screaming his name, you felt yourself come undone. He followed soon after. Pulling out of you, he laid down on your bed and pulled you close to him. You nuzzled against his chest as you started to fall asleep. Before you did, he grabbed your chin and looked into your beautiful eyes. Giving you one last passionate kiss, he whispered "Ich leibe dich."

"Love you, too." You replied and you both fell into a deep asleep.
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